Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2 million people to lose jobless benefits by Christmas

Heres one big fuck you to congress.

Trillions for wall street oligarchs but not even bread crumbs for the peasants. Primary dealers (read: favored financial institutions) get access to fed window at 0%interest rates while the same banks jack up credit cards to 29.99%.

Perhaps these types of actions will precipitate some long needed social unrest in this country. Granted millions of families will suffer and my heart goes out to them. What I do know is that when people are hungry and have no options they start getting roudy and make some noise.


  1. Nice label.

    See, I don't get any of this. To me the obvious solution to the politics here is to pass unemployment benefits and then just let ALL the tax cuts expire and force those with an income to start cutting expenses. I do get the idea of giving the middle class a tax cut (on the same theory that you would use to justify extending unemployment benefits), but the fact is that for people with jobs who are middle class, giving them more money to service debts and further extend themselves will only perpetuate the massive family finance problems we already have. As a friend of mine pointed out the other day, at some point, you do have to face the facts, and I don't quite think it's completely obvious that we should extend tax cuts to the middle class, that doing so would necessarily be a good thing in the long run, or that - in any case - we should negotiate on tax cuts for income above $250,000 in order to get them. Just let them all expire. But PASS UNEMPLOYMENT. That is the only real firm ground from an objective, economic point of view. Somehow, we assume that that is something different.

    I should also point out that the estimated loss on TARP will likely be only $25 billion, down from the $66 billion projected loss, which wasn't even that bad considering what it could have been. But that does mean that we were expecting to bear an extra $41 billion debt as a country for Wall Street, and all that would be required to pass an unemployment extension would be an additional debt burden of $12 billion.

    Nice. All I want really to say is that if college-age Republicans could name the next Republican nominee for President, it would be Romney. I'm not a Republican, but I think that's a choice that, when you consider what is out there, is generally reflective of mental stability. I happen to disagree with the guy and wouldn't vote for him, but he's mentally stable. Well done young Republicans.

    When you poll older Republican voters, though, there's a tie: Huckabee and Palin.

    Holy shit. You ever had to have the conversation with your grandparents? You know the one? The one where you have to say, "Please, give me the car keys. You're a menace to society out there. You had a good run. But now, it's not that you drive fast or anything. It's just that you do stuff on the roads that just doesn't make a damn bit of sense, and it confuses people. Almost all people. That means you're dangerous. I know you don't think so. But you are. You just ran that Stop sign. And it was facing the other direction. You're on the wrong side of the road blazing through intersections in a residential area." Well . . . . My opinion, not that it's worth anything, is that that is where we find ourselves friends. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, the spokesperson from Tang, they're not bad people. They're just old, and they're losing it. A little bit each day, and that adds up to a lot.

  2. Government exists to protect the interests of the rich. It stifles competition. The rules and regulations are in place to protect them.

  3. Maybe this will help people to rise out of their TV and beer-induced stupor and take to the streets. Alas, Americans will continue to watch football, eat nachos, scratch their asses, pick their noses, fart, belch, and take it up the ass by Corporate America and its minions, i.e. its handpuppets in Congress, courts, and the White House.


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