Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Subprime just got hired full time at a firm

Went to a interview today and got offered a position the same day. Personal injury work, high volume. 50k base plus bonus on cases that I close. Not much in law and motion, more on the negotiation side. Boss told me that bonus can range between 15 to 35k a year based on performance. Im super excited and freaked out about this as I don't want to fuck up and get booted.

Got the lead from craigslist. I start TOMORROW!!!!

I must say that once my bar admission passed the one year mark I got 3 interviews in 3 weeks. This from a tier 4 law school. Both jobs offered 50k plus bonus and benefits.

I will inform you all of how things go. My boss is super cool and has already texted me saying he's "excited to have me on board". When I saw his spiked hair I knew he would be totally cool. Within 5 seconds of the interview he said the word "bullshit" and was like fuck yeah this dude is cool. Very cool vibe in the office as the staff were eating asian food in the conference room. All of them waved at me with smiles. Subprime, perhaps, just got very very lucky.

Regardless of this great news I will continue blogging away against the law school scam. But for my family's support I would be drowning in loans as I wouldn't have been able to pay them during my 18 month job search. So many of my TTTT classmates have gone solo practitioner in their desperate attempts to make some money. I was lucky and was able to wait to get a job and some experience instead of hanging out a shingle from the start. So many of them going solo, not knowing what the hell they are doing.

Thats it for now. Super excited about tomorrow.


  1. Congratulations, subprime. I sincerely hope it works out for you.

  2. Thanks Nando. I'll still be here trying to bring the law schools down. The lemmings MUST be warned.

  3. Excellent news. And it is as you said - even if things do work out in the end at this firm, the law school rosy picture of 90%+ employment rates, high salaries and "valuable" law degrees must be debunked.

    This is why "network" as an answer is not an answer - jobs are based more on pure serendipity or established family contacts.

    No one except the scam blogs talks about the real opportunity costs, and they must be factored in, i.e. the need for (familial) support, long down times, multiple rejections, etc. Law school makes it sound like "go to school, get degree, pass bar, get job"...maybe for the elite, but not for most of the schmoes.

    Again, congratulations.

  4. The driveway into my office is just past an intersection and an overpass; so there are people gunning their cars to get through yellow lights downhill as I'm trying to slow down and get into my lot. Of course, everyone is on their cell phones. Eventually, there's going to be a major rear end collision that's going to send me flying. I know who to call!

  5. I went to law school knowing I would have financial support from my family. My dad is a rich man and paid for all my expenses and continues to do so (which I'm thankful for but want to be my own man for once). I can't say the same for the majority of my class mates. For some reason I find myself being much more angry at the law school scam than my classmates which are drowing in debt and jobless. When I see injustice, fraud, and theft it pisses me off. Plain and simple.

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  7. I preface by saying that we should all appreciate the service that scamlaw bloggers do by calling to our attention the manipulated figures that law schools put out there to attract students. Students need to know what they are getting into.

    But move on, dude. I get the feeling that a lot of scamlaw bloggers are from the straight-from-high-school-to-college-to-law-school-crowd, meaning that you have no clue how tough the real world is until you leave law school, and then blame law school for it. I am a non-traditional student and can tell you as much as you all complain about how worthless a law degree is, you should try the workforce without a degree. I didn't get my bachelor's until I was 30. Back in my dad’s time, a bachelor’s degree was a pretty big accomplishment and he took his B.B.A. pretty darn far. A bachelor’s degree today is less valuable and more costly. Do you think a bachelor’s degree isn’t worth it?

    I started law school at 32. I am ranked high in my TTT class (despite my LSAT being between 50 and 75th percentile) and made Law Review, which is a relief. I feel bad for the bottom third of my class that is in for a rude awakening when they graduate (i.e., they will probably never practice law). But, I will tell you, if I had known about the law school scam before I started, I still would have done it. Life is hard and you are all crazy if you think going to law school means you have somehow "paid your dues." Law school isn’t a golden ticket but at least you have a chance to compete for the prize – a respectable career at a respectable salary.

    Be happy that you have a law degree and a decent job. Ask yourself if you would have been better off without law school. Ask yourself if most people (50%+) would have really been better off without law school.

    Move on, dude. Move on to better things.

  8. Brian,

    In your response you readily admit that law school is a scam as the bottom third at your school "will probably never practice law". This is why I blog because I think of my buddies who foolishly took on too much debt thinking they would be earning decent money in the not too distant future only to find themselves moving in with mom or living on their friends couch. People have to be warned. I consider scamblogging a form of civic duty, to warn my fellow citizens that the law schools want to dangle JD's in front of their eyes just to put them in nondischargeable debt.

    Its good to hear that you have done well by making law review. As you read the scamblogs you full well know how hard it is out there. Good luck.

  9. Let me also add the fact that many of my friends were MISLED due to the FRAUDULENT employment data. We all know the elements for fraud:
    misrep of mat fact, scienter, induce reliance, reasonable reliance, damages. Law school lies on employment data satisfies the requirements for fraud.

  10. Congrats! Law has always been a good old boys club and law school is no guarantee that you will become a lawyer, practice law, get a law job, or even get a job period. I wish you well in this endeavor!


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