Saturday, November 20, 2010

Congratulations California bar exam passers

Last night the results came out and the tears or celebrations were rampant in many homes. I had some friends taking it for the first time, others their 2nd and 3rd attempts. My closest buddy from LS passed on his 2nd attempt last night. My other good friend who took it his first time got the news that he failed. Bummer.

Out of curiosity I scanned the facebook pages of several alumni that were taking it for the 3rd time and saw that some had finally passed. The quotes of heartfelt relief from parents and other family is clearly evident as they have lived together with the bar exam struggles. I kept seeing themes of a "new page" being turned and how great things were awaiting them. Sigh. If only they knew that the true struggle begins now. The enthusiasm will wear off soon for the 1st time passers while those who struggled with the Cal Bar will relish in their victory for a while longer. Soon, the feeling of misery that accompanies the worry of "not being able to find a fucking job" will follow. Some will make it, a few will succeed big time perhaps, many will struggle.

Oh yes you Cal Bar passers, the struggle has just begun.


  1. Congratulations, bar passers. (Now, brace yourself for a monstrous kick in the balls.)


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