Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stark warnings from Richard Fisher and James Baker

"Our duty is most distinctly not to monetize - or even be perceived as monetizing - the debt of fiscally imprudent government. Throughout the history of nations, monetizing the budgetary excesses of governments has proven to be a direct path to economic perdition. Having already peeked inside that door, I feel strongly that we must now shut it, lock it and throw away the key."

Dallas Federal Reserve Governor Richard Fisher, from a speech entitled "Is America's decline exaggerated or inevitable" on April 8, 2011.

To QE or not to QE is the question. Save the date, because quantative easing part II ends on June 30th of this year. With regards to "having already peeked inside the door" of debt monetization, the door has been wide open with liquidity sloshing around the global financial system like mad. Just look at silver, dropping to $39.50 before violently popping to a new 31 year high of $42.50. These $3 price movements are incredible now, but if profligate government spending continues in the manner that it has, not only will we see $3 daily movements but possibly even $10 intraday moves. Lets hope that will not be the case.

This Sunday on CNN, James Baker was a host on Fareed Zakaria's show. During the interview, he stated in stark terms:

The United States of America, if we didn't have the dollar as the de facto reserve currency of the world we'd be greece.
I mean, we are broke, bankrupt, really bankrupt.

Wow. Those are some disturbing comments from a former treasury secretary and bigtime government official. The two quotes above come from highly esteemed government officials, not some "cook" blogger or website. Of course the cook bloggers have been warning about national bankruptcy and insolvency for years, but slowly these words are being uttered by those in the high echelons of power. As the fiscal and monetary continues to deteriorate I expect more statements like these to come out. And you can expect me to report them.

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  1. Any country that spends more money that it has will eventually get screwed over. In the next 10 years manufacturing is expected to grow less than 1% each year in growth, unlike the boom years of aerospace and defense. All we have left is a service sector economy and all of our white collar jobs are being outsourced to India and China. All the developing nations are becoming first world nations and the US is now a falling empire.

    Speaking of Bankrupt countries, I think two big events will happen to Europe this year:

    1. Portugal and Iceland will be the next countries to join Greece and Ireland as bankrupt nations in the financial crisis in the EU. As unemployment and defaults on bonds increase, they are in big trouble. In Portugal they can only raise money in their financial markets by paying higher interest rates, but there is nothing to back it, except the creditworthiness of the nation itself. The ridiculousness of fractional reserve banking allows them to issue tenfold their deposits in new credits. They may need a severe bailout to help them recover from Europe and the IMF.

    2. Turkey will inevitably face an Islamic revolution, similar to Iran in 1979. It won't be fanatics, women in burkas and such. However, it is clear that they will NEVER join the EU, the devout religious muslims have RAPIDLY outnumbered the liberal secular muslims. If you can't look to the west, then you look to the East and Islamism is growing rapidly. They are even sending another flotilla to Gaza this year to help the "Muslim brotherhood" this spring. They have now had a constitutional referendum and even the military wont be able to stop the tsunami of radical Islam. The changes the current government have made to the constitution, the educational system and the judiciary are simply irreversible.

    The country will remain nominally secular for the sake of tourism, economy and government institutions, but it is becoming more like any other middle eastern/muslim country. The secular legacy of Ataturk is gone, or as the Prime Minister Erdogan said "Democracy is like a streetcar, you ride it until you arrive at your destination. Then you get off."

    It will also likely send ripples through the middle eastern financial markets.

  2. WTF has this got to do with law school? Are you still moving forward with your stupid idea of writing a blog about law school and commodities? Stick to what you know best which is law school. The stuff about investing and silver is boring and superficial.

  3. 5:51 am

    You obviously didn't read the above quotes as they had nothing to do with "commodities" per se but were actually some very important messages.

    WRT to law school, there are only so many things I can say about it. In addition, there are numerous bloggers out there talking about the same story when it comes out, a good example being the University of Minnesota article on the scam bloggers. When a good story comes out or if I see or hear some crazy shit i'll write about it. Besides, Nando and the others are doing a great job beating up the schools. I'm more of a supporting actor in the law school arena. If you didn't know I'm a practicing attorney and actually like what I do. Nevertheless I continue to rip the law schools a new one everytime I get the chance.

    "If you don't like posts similar to the above, then simply don't read them. Again, for your convenience here is what the ABOUT ME section says so you are not confused:

    2009 law school grad warning prospective law students of the perils of legal job market. In addition, I am of the belief that the US government is insolvent and that severe economic shocks are only a matter of time. Opponent of the federal reserve, lover of liberty and personal freedom. In support of monetary reform as fiat digital currency used in a fractional reserve banking system is inherently unstable and has already uprooted the lives of millions of people. Left unchanged, the instability will grow even worse leaving the country in ruins"


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