Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gerald Celente: Young People of the World Unite

This is also a good one which is entitled "college degrees are worthless."

I've been following Celente for about three years now. His forecasts are pretty accurate but he can be off from time to time. Regardless, he calls a spade a spade and provides a soothing voice of common sense and justified anger in an era of pervasive lies where the mainstream media operates similar to the ministry of truth. For example, he calls the super wealthy "money junkies" lol. Sadly, that is what they have become as the top .1% are earning up to 10% of the national income. Banana republic all the way.


  1. While I do think Celente makes solid points from time to time, the guy is a straight up fear monger to the 100th degree. If I remember correctly, didn't he say 09 AND 2010 were going to be the years when everything would crash and burn?

    Times are still very perilous no doubt. But I do think Celente is far from a "soothing voice of common sense".

  2. Celente was off on his 09-10 crash call, primarily because he failed to recognize to what extent the powers that be would fight to keep the ponzi going. The one thing I love most about Celente is that he doesn't mince his words. I listen to his interviews roughly once a month.


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