Saturday, January 29, 2011

CNN's coverage of the revolt in Egypt

Watching the coverage of the people revolting in Egypt on CNN is sickening. They keep mentioning these particular words over and over again: fear, chaos, anarchy, violence, terror, safety, security. The subliminal message is clear: don't you dare revolt against your masters otherwise your safety and security will be in jeopardy. As Benjamin Franklin said, "those who value security above liberty deserve neither." The American sheeple watching these events unfold on their flat screens must surely be thinking to themselves "just how good we have it over here" in the grand ol USSA. At least the Egyptian people are fully aware of who is oppressing them. Here in our own quasi-fascist plutocracy, our rulers hide behind LLP's, LLC's, offshore subsidiaries with the full protection of CONgress and the courts. In fact, we can't even audit the federal reserve, the institution that controls our money supply. We don't have the right to audit and examine the fed so we can see who got the money and how much they received. When Bernanke was asked in Congress who got the money he replied with a fat "NO" and left congressman Bernie Sanders feeling like a schmuck.

Regardless, I am very happy for the people of Egypt and I pray that they kick out that piece of shit Mubarak. Long live freedom! Long live the people of Egypt! Also notice that millions of young, educated and unemployed Egyptians are taking to the streets en masse. Perhaps by 2015 when there are millions upon millions of indentured student debt slaves, we can uproot the cleptocracy which continues to rob this country blind. While Mubarak has ruled Egypt for 30 years we have our mini revolution every 4 to 8 years with the so called "presidential election." The reality is that the true power holders are behind the scenes, unknown to the general public. They control the levers of power in finance, energy, pharma, food, insurance, weapons, education, media, and of course government.

Godspeed to the protestors in Egypt.


  1. The CNN and other news outlets here in the states is sickening. Complete lack of mentioning of live ammunition being used even after showing a man shot to death (only was it aired once and never again). Not mentioning police in civilian clothing are the main looters either and instead speaking of their violence and mass looting to discredit the people.

  2. I think a lot of Americans lost this appeal to revolution. I think they might take to the streets if someone cancels Super Bowl or permissive gun laws. Absurd examples, however, you get the idea.
    I think in Europe people would take to the streets if social security was taken away. Rightly so - as long as states prosper, why impoverish the majority?

    Actually, watching Egypt I kept thinking this cannot happen in the US since 90% have guns.

    People in the US often asked me if my country was free. WTF!!! It does not matter that they were commpletely ignorant, what matters to me are their completely brainwashed notions of freedom. You are not free if health care can drive you to bankruptcy. You are not free if education is not for reasonable money.

    When you look at statistics, democracy in the US is not rated very high. Thank God for NY Times.

    I also think that this grand American narrative "You can do anything you want in life" should be very critically examined.

  3. Education in America serves corporate America, not necessarily the students, because the system trains workers, lots of workers so corporate America can swim in hightly trained labor, and pay them low wages (lots of supply as opposed to some demand).

    Our education system creates workers, lots of them, not citizens, not enough of them.

  4. OpenLeaks is looking for lawyers:

    Not sure what kind of pay though.

  5. CNN is too easy to type in a browser. It is pure s**t.

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