Monday, December 6, 2010

New job update

In my office right now. Great view of the harbor. The staff is super cool and my boss rings a bell every time a case settles. The hours are great as Im out of here by 6. Defended a depo at a biglaw firm this morning. The attny taking the depo was a 2009 Boston U grad. Oddly enough he lost his swagger after I objected several times. He's a new guy like me and were both trying to build our skills and confidence. Its the first time ive been in a depo where the other attny wasnt 50 yrs old.

From what it seems law and motion will be bare minimum at this office THANK GOD ALMIGHTY. I hate, hate hate law and motion work. 20% of my job entails negotiation and settlement, 20% discovery, 20% on the road doing depos, mediation, court hearings, etc. 20% file review and client/def counsel contact. The other 20% im not sure yet.

So far so good. Sorry for the bad typing but im at work and gotta go.


  1. Good job. If you ever come across an opposing attorney from Third Tier Drake, ask them what they think of Third Tier Reality.


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