Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Subprime is at Chapman Law Library

Live feed for my beloved readers.

Doing some research on variance and nonconforming uses. Basically, my family needs to put a sign on some adjacent state government property. So Subprime JD, senior in house counsel for the family business, is sitting here looking through Matthew Benders Real Estate Law and Practice guide trying to figure out what all this mumbo jumbo means lol.

I see all the 1L's crammed in the library, some studying hard, most of them on facebook or youtube or whatever other website they are looking at in order to avoid dealing with the hundreds of pages of the most arcane bullshit ever written in the history of man. I spoke with two 1L's outside before coming in the lib, and told them flat out that if they don't make top 10%, then DROP OUT. Here is a paraphrase of my rant:
"you're young and it is NOT written in stone that you MUST be attorneys. I've been licensed for a year and have not been able to find a firm job. I can show you the dozens of fellow graduates of mine that either failed the bar or have started their own solo gigs. I highly advise you to study 7 times harder than you are studying now but at the same time to take some good time off, go to the beach, the mountains, Vegas, wherever. Hard work and some good play equates to success. If you don't make top ten, then pack your bags and go do something else. Its 2010 guys, the world has changed. In addition, after your first year, I highly recommend that you find some part time jobs to put some dent into your loans. Its best to attack them now before the interest works its evil damage. You see later"

I didn't want to go full scamblog on them otherwise they would freak out and tell me to go fuck off. A few people can handle the entire truth at once, most people need bits and pieces. I mentioned to them that these law school scam blogs are popping up all over the place and that they should take a look at them.

Thats it for now. Looks like ill be here for a few days as I have to figure out how to (a) negotiate with a junior lien holder, (b) figure out what rules apply as to nonconforming use and government land, (c) damages on a unlawful detainer.



  1. Chapman, the toilet that keeps flushing. If the ABA truly gave a damn about young people's financial livelihoods, they would set MUCH higher standards for accreditation. At least 3/4 of the law schools in this nation need to close.

  2. Did you go to Chapman and that is how you have access to the law library, or is it free to public for use?

  3. Anyone can go to Chapman law library. All you need is a drivers license and you can check out practice guides from the circulation desk. Chapman is 10 mins from my house and 5 mins from my friends real estate office so I go there to do some research. I did not go to Chapman law (thank god as it is extremely overpriced).

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