Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Job placement for my TTTT class of 2009

Being the data junkie that I am, by looking at the Cal Bar attorney search and a bit of facebook, I have been able to see how my fellow grads have been doing. The names of people have been replaced by rank.
The results: 30 confirmed employed, 8 of them being solo practitioners. 22 law firm jobs, most of them small law/shit law.

Top student: Out of state mid law firm
Near top student: Dubai, in house counsel
Top 5% student: workers compensation firm
Top ten percent student: Out of state firm, 9 attorneys, creditor rights
Law review: personal injury firm, 7 attorneys
Law review: personal injury form, 6 attorneys
Law review: collections, 5 attorneys
Law review: works with solo practitioner
Law review: personal injury firm, 6 lawyers
Law review: public defender
Law review: solo practitioner
Magna Cum Laude: Insurance defense, med mal prac, 33 attorney firm
Moot court: insurance defense, 13 attorneys
Moot court: moved out of state, superior court judge clerk
Good student: District Attorney's office
Tier 1 transfer: solo practitioner
Average student: solo practitioner
Average student: solo practitioner
Average student: solo practitioner
Moot court: solo practitioner
Average student: Immigration law, 5 attorneys
Average student: bankruptcy, small firm
Average stduent: solo practitioner
Average student: criminal law office, 3 attorneys
Average student: solo practitioner
Average student, pro bono award: social security benefits firm, disability, 10 lawyers
Average student, ex military: US gov contractor
Average student: works for his father who has small practice
student/ rank unknown: debt collection firm
student/ rank unknown: legal aid
Me: has 3 cases, works at family company lol

Of the 150 graduates from my class of 2009, I have only been able to find confirmed employment of 30 graduates. I know many class members who failed the bar several times who are living at home with their parents. 22 firm jobs out of a class of 150 is pretty sorry. I will update the list as soon as I can. I wish I could list the names of the people and the firms that they placed so that the 0L's can see what it truly is like out there but the blowback would be immense. Maybe sometime in the future...



  1. Interesting. I wonder how many students from your school actually got jobs that pay enough money to allow them to pay rent and pay back loans. My guess is that most aren't making 100k+ a year!

  2. I love how NALP reports 88.3% employment within 9 momnths for the Class of 2009, yet TTTTs still claim 94 percent job placement rates.

    By the way, NALP counts anything as employment. You work at a carwash? Do you work as a research assistant to Professor Clueless for 20 hours a week at $20 an hour - for the next 2 months? Then you are employed for the purposes of the survey.


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