Monday, June 28, 2010

Forecast: The criminal underworld will have top talent to choose from

Quick post, will add more on this topic at a later time. Just wanted to point out with so many college educated 20 somethings not being able to find good paying work and owing tons in student loans, the criminal option will become more tempting. At the moment, I would imagine that many of these underemployed college educated men and women are sitting there, angry, frustated, depressed, while working at their bullshit jobs making bullshit wages. At the same time the student loan sharks keep pounding away at their account balances. Without reform in the student loan laws, I see desperate people taking on desperate measures.

During the boom times of the last 2 decades, organized crime got smashed by the feds as technology got better and recruits were harder to find. Now, with the unemployment situation so terrible and guaranteed to get worse, the underworld recruiting will explode higher. And not only that, but potential recruits will be smarter, more computer saavy, EDUCATED. Imagine the software engineer drowing in debt not being able to pay his bills, imagine what type of scam contraptions he can conjure. Picture the damage a JD can do, with his knowing of the law and the fancy words. How about the marketer and the ponzi schemes she can create? The list goes on and on.

Again, with the imbalances being so harsh on recent graduates, the criminal option will become more tempting.


  1. I would think that even the mob boss would look at his resume and say, "why aren't you practicing law?"

  2. I'd happily represent Tony Soprano. Unlike most of my clients, I'm sure he pays his bills.


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