Friday, May 14, 2010

Text of my rejection email for legal aid LOL LOL

Dear Mr. Subprime,

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles. We are currently receiving an unprecedented number of volunteer applications and are fully staffed with volunteers through the summer. Therefore, we are unable to consider your application at this time. Please contact us again in August. You may find other worthy organizations seeking volunteers at Good luck and I hope to hear from you in August.


Tai Glenn

Pro Bono Director

Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles

Subprime here:
"An unprecented number of volunteer applications". HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Fuck you Mr. Obama and fuck you Larry Summers and FUCK YOU Timothy Geithner and FUCK YOU BENRON BERNANKE. You can keep on sprouting your lies about "green shoots" and "recovery" the fact of the matter is that millions in this country are languishing in poverty and distress while you motherfucking fucks raid the treasury on a daily basis. Know this, that all of you and your buddies on the board of Goldman, JP Morgan, Bank of America, and Citi, et al, will burn in hell for all of eternity.




  1. And fuck Tai Glenn, even though he's just doing his job and is probably an under-utlized attorney like many of them out there.

    Law schools are always encouraging pro bono or legal aid to the poor. Did they know that we'd be the clients and not the practitioners of these services? This profession is doomed as the earth before Noah's day.

  2. Amen brother! Imagine that, we cant even get unpaid volunteer work.

  3. This is the case all across the country. Licensed attorneys, i.e. people who spent 7 years+ in higher education, and took on hideous amounts of debt - for the primary purpose of attaining upward mobility, cannot give their services away!! And we have higher education industry apologist cockroaches telling us to stop whining, "work hard" and find a niche.

  4. It was hinted to me that I was not trying hard enough to find a job because I am not calling up the employers after I send them my resume and harassing them to death.

    I like how that, no matter what I do to try and get a job, that its never enough. I didn't go to the right school. I didn't buy enough study guides while in school. I didn't get the right grades. I didn't get the right work experience (even if you get work experience in the legal profession while in law school, it can still be the wrong kind of work experience). I don't know the right people. I'm not looking in the right places. I haven't networked enough. I should run out and take court appointments. I need to find legal clinics and volunteer opportunities. I need to speak more foreign languages.

    What does it tell these people who suggest calling and pestering about the current state of the market? My services surely aren't in demand, that's for damn sure. If they need people to handle the workload, they will call. If they can't be bothered to call, they are obviously being overwhelmed with resumes that look better than mine.

    Law school is a lot like buying the $5.99 toy that needs about $200 in gadgets to be worth anything.

  5. Per NoJob4U's comment: Capitalism doesn't have a way to handle failure. If you are successful, it is because you worked hard, had a brilliant plan, and generally because U R AWESOME. If you are not successful, then it was obviously your fault.

    The economy is replete with examples of arguably good products that didn't make it due to a variety of factors...while price may play a factor, it is hardly the determinative issue. Vague market forces, coupled with a little of "Who the hell knows?", causes some products to "succeed" and some to "fail".

    As a nation of bootstrapping control-freaks, we don't like it when there is no simple obvious answer to why some products succeed in the economy and some fail. By analogy, if you don't have an awesome job, it HAS to be your fault...otherwise, everyone would have to admit there is something wrong with the system, or that the cards have to be stacked in order to succeed, or something similar. That flies in the face of our American mythology of hard work and “everyone can succeed!”

    Can you imagine what would happen to the educational system if, say, all colleges and universities said “Look, if you don’t have a rich uncle with a job waiting for you, don’t even apply to our program.” Let alone starting your own business without backing…

  6. Dupednontraditional:

    Great response, very insightful. The problem with our capitalist system is that it is NOT capitalistic at all. We have, more or less, a command economy, whereby a central bank sets artificially low interest rates. With easy money flowing around, credit and thus capital are misallocated to unproductive areas. Prime examples are housing, retail, consumer discretionary, certain college degrees such as the JD. But for the easy money policy of the fed coupled with government guarantees of student loans, the tier 3, tier 4 piles of shit wouldnt exist. With no credit being misallocared towards these completely unproductive investments, there would be no access to these schools and their inflated tutiions, and thus, no subprime jd.

    Thus, you are absolutely correct in you assertion that people dont want to admit that there is something wrong with the system. The root of the problem is hyper fractional reserve banking banking, coupled with government intervention of the market economy.

  7. I wouldn't say that government intervention is a bad thing. I think that if things are regulated properly it gives consumers (and more importantly, other nations) confidence in that product.
    After what happened these past couple of years with the subprime meltdown, how many investors in other countries do you think will want to do business with American companies? The economies of many countries around the globe paid a huge price when everything went to shit....and trust me, they aren't dumb about the source. A couple of years ago, I saw documentaries in Europe which described the meltdown. It's probably a big reason why the government was so willing to run in and bail out the banks. Everybody here sees it as simply saving some CEO's bank account. Once the U.S. becomes isolated because nobody wants to do business with us as we neither regulate anything nor have a system in place to clean up the messes due to lack of regulation, it's game over.

  8. Lack of regulation where it is need as the OTC market + gov intervention in the economy= freak show that the US economy is today

  9. It is a sad state of affairs when attorneys can't give their services away. If only student loans were dischargeable in bankruptcy - there'd be a niche for you. Draft Chapter 7's and 13's for all those J.D.'s out there who are up to their eyeballs in six-figure debt and can't find work.

  10. I don't know how many times I was told, "volunteer, they desperately need people!" It seemed logical. You help out. They get help. You get experience. Everyone wins. But, I have been told also,"we don't need you unless you know what you are doing" or "we just have too many people."

    what ever happened to Say's Law?


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