Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blitzkrieg on the Law School Scam: 12 more schools to be sued

As expected even more schools have been sued for misrepresenting employment data. Below is a list of the schools that are about to get their asses opened up:

Albany Law School
California Western
Golden Gate
University of San Francisco
John Marshall
Florida Coastal

Law Offices of David Anziska (New York, New York), Strauss Law PLLC (New York,
New York), Law Offices of Frank Raimond (New York, New York), The Clinton Law Firm
(Chicago, Illinois), Concepcion Martinez & Bellido LLP (Miami, Florida), Finkelstein
Thompson LLP (Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, California), Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff LLP (Sacramento, California), and Stone & Magnanini LLP (Short Hills, New Jersey and New York, New York) announce that proposed class action law suits will be filed today against twelve law schools around the nation.

From the ABA Journal:

In a gathering storm that apparently may not yet have reached its full strength, lawsuits have been or will be filed today against another 12 law schools over the way they report employment data for their graduates, according to counsel for the plaintiffs.

They say in a press release (PDF) that new litigation is being brought against law schools in California, Delaware, Florida, Illinois and New York, concerning allegations that a number engaged in subterfuges such as hiring their own graduates for temporary jobs and counting law grads working in nonlegal jobs as employed. Links to some of the complaints can be found at plaintiffs lawyer David Anziska's website.

Plaintiffs contend that they were misled by the statistics into taking on a heavy debt burden in pursuit of employment as attorneys that was much harder to find than the job stats provided by the law schools suggested. They also allege that salary figures may have been compiled from a small sample of law grads with fatter-than-average paychecks.

“We believe that some in the legal academy have done a disservice to the profession and the nation by saddling tens of thousands of young lawyers with massive debt for a degree worth far less than advertised,” Anziska said in a statement provided today to New York magazine.

“It is time for the schools to take responsibility, provide compensation and commit to transparency," he continues. "These lawsuits are only the beginning.”

A total of 14 law schools have been sued so far, according to plaintiffs' counsel, including New York Law School and Thomas M. Cooley Law School. Cooley has previously launched a pre-emptive strike, contending in a lawsuit filed against a law firm (which apparently is not involved in the current set of filings) that it has been defamed by false accusations concerning information the law school provided about its graduates' success.

Bloomberg reports that Albany Law School and the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University say they stand by the employment data they provided in compliance with standards set by the ABA and the National Association for Law Placement.

“We have documentation that supports the accuracy of our data,” said Connie Mayer, the interim president and dean at Albany Law School, said in an email to Bloomberg. “Students are well aware of the realities of today’s economy, and we believe the information we provide during the admission process does not mislead our applicants.”

Officials at both schools declined to comment specifically on the litigation.

Leslie Steinberg, associate dean for public affairs at defendant Southwestern Law School told National Law Journal that the school stands by the employment data it has posted on its website and submitted to both the American Bar Association and U.S. News & World Report.

The other targeted schools are Brooklyn Law School, California Western School of Law, Chicago-Kent College of Law, DePaul University College of Law, Florida Coastal School of Law, Golden Gate University School of Law, The John Marshall Law School, University of San Francisco School of Law and Widener University School of Law.

Subprime here: this is most excellent news. Within the next two years I expect at least 50 law schools to be embroiled in class action litigation for their thieving ways. Hopefully, this sends a strong message to prospective applicants that now is not the time to go to law school. As most of us knew, it was only a matter of time before the shit would hit the fan for these fucking toilets.


  1. Imagine how the pigs will respond to these suits, i.e. "The students should have known better than to rely solely on these stats. After all, they are college graduates fully capable of critical thought."

  2. With all that student loan money pouring in, they must have been so happy they could hardly count.

    Now is definitely not a good time to go to Law School, and I hope the entore US Public will finally become informed about the situation once and for all.

  3. A couple of years ago suing a law school was a preposterous thought. But now it's happening.

    I doubt it'll discharge my loan or help in my employment problems, but I would love to see these schools closed down. There should only be 14 private schools in existence, and then maybe state law schools with low tuition rates, but not more than the number of medical schools.

  4. This is the reason why we need to encourage ALL graduates to report their employment status and salary.

  5. My law school cornholed me.

  6. suing a school for this kind of activity is really good thing

  7. I graduated from a tier 2 law school many years ago. About 6 - 9 months after graduation, I received in the mail my law school's post-graduation survey. I dutifully reported that at the time I had not found a job, and returned the completed survey to my law school's career services office. Several months later, I was surprised to read that my law school was publishing a 100% employment rate for graduates of my class.

  8. This kind of activities are not doing only by LAW SCHOOLS. Many of other degree schools are also doing the same

  9. There should be a law to stop these kind of activities

  10. I don't think so that any school take it seriously or take responsibility to stop this.

  11. it's very informative post for those who believes that the figure is always true give by these kind of schools

  12. But every Law schools are not like this..

  13. This story has made great strides in this last year. Truth, transparency and ethical behavior should not be so hard to extract from a legal institution.

  14. I was considering Law School before I came across this information. I could not put my family through this. Thanks Subprime JD for opening my eyes. These greedy bastards will not get my money, effort, sacrifice, and humility.

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