Thursday, December 22, 2011

Post of the day

Saw this on zerohedge:

private workers are like gladiators who get a "prize" if they manage to kill each other only to live to fight another day.

public workers are spectators in a gladiator match....they don't get the glory of victory, but have the security of enjoying the competition without having to participate in such a brutal cutthroat activity.

elites are the ones making the bets on a gladiator

and wall st. workers are the bookies

there is the loyalty old money folks writing the rules of the game at the very top

and of course immigrants and foreign laborers are slave class where they do real productive work but can't afford to pay to see the gladiators.


  1. And the undocumented working class in America today will will carry the torch of Humanity forward into the world and future.

    For they are: "Life"

    All the rest is garbage, and will be forgotten by future generations.

  2. And JDpainterguy is a lying cunt with the shittiest blog in the world and he pretends to be committing suicide and shutting his blog down every month in order to get readers to massage his ego with comments about how much they love him.

  3. @3:35 is a male from New Jersey most likely.

    Anyway, he sure ain't someone that has gotten to know the illegal American Immigrant population very well.

    The New Latino Americans (The future of our country) are an intelligent and gentle people, and respect themselves, and other people as well, and never refer to women or men as: a "Cunt"

    That has been my personal observation.


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