Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Some Headlines of the Day

Palm Coast cashing in on red-light citations

Spain health service chokes as austerity tightens

Nearly 1 million in state long-term jobless

Millions To Lose Unemployment Benefits In 2012

Florida: Tax collections expected to fall sharply

Mayor delivers State of the City address

Wash. Budget Cuts Could Lift Parolee Supervision

Bailed-out Portugal braces for more spending cuts

State Revenue Hit Hard By Wall Street Losses, DiNapoli Says

Reward offered in theft of 700-pound pelican statue stolen in Novato

ECB balance sheet hits record high on bond buys

Kirk report diagnoses Illinois' 'unsustainable' debt

Juncker: Greek debt haircut may exceed 60 percent

China's debt pileup raises risk of hard landing

Economists demand curbs on food speculators

More Seeking Food Assistance

Foreclosures over 40% of capital home sales

Central Iowa food pantry asks for help to meet demand

Homelessness and hunger on the rise in Toledo area

Tent cities grow as homelessness rises in U.S.

Study estimates 3 million British children in poverty by 2013

Montreal food bank sees increasing demand

Suburban Welfare Surge

2012 Projections Anticipate Health Premium Hikes

Biofuel fuels food price

High gold price triggers rainforest devastation in Peru

Taken from Chris Martenson's Daily Digest.

Notice how many of the headlines have to do with DEBT. But hey, right now is the best time to go to law school and lever the fuck up. Already things are coming to a head in these blessed United States of America as civil unrest has begun. Wait until the banking crisis in Europe flares out of control (which has a high probability of breaking out) due to the disfunctional nature of the currency union. No fiscal union= lack of coherent policy during crisis periods. Of course this DEBT problem is global from the US to Europe to Australia with its mega housing bubble all the way to big bad China with its trillions of off balance sheet vehicle shadow banking system at the local levels. Jubilee is coming whether the banksters want it or not.

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