Sunday, October 23, 2011

Societal Observations

As a social observer I have noticed a significant deterioration in confidence of the current economic structure. Yesterday I had FOUR people tell me that "shit will hit the fan" in one way or another. A few of these people used to scoff at my proclamations of doom a few years ago.
Yesterday at the mall I went for some shopping and the lady that's been serving us for years said something like this:

"Things are going to get crazy. Within 1 year I expect chaos in the streets. Everyone is going broke. We need to prepare."
Mind you this lady works at Saks at South Coast Plaza mall. The same lady told me in 2009 that "you have too much time on your hands" when I told her the system is broken and heading for an epic crash.

person number 2: went to a party last night to celebrate my friends dad's birthday. This same person used to tell me "things are getting better, its just a cycle" to I'm buying gold, silver and ammo."

person number 3: a highly educated individual who used to disregard my warnings spent at least an hour listening to every word coming out of my mouth. He said "we need to prepare, things are going to get scary." This person works as a school teacher at a relatively strong school district but sees the writing on the wall. Whereas before he would say "I'm tenured" now he says "no one is safe." I told him he was exactly right. The only thing he could do at this point was work hard, maintain his strong work ethic and to keep a look out for opportunities.

person number 4: owner of a new diner which is making mega $$$$. He came to our table and said "things are fucked up. People are going broke. Governments are going to broke. By next year I'm afraid that the whole thing is going to collapse."

person number 5: this was actually on Friday. I was in court for an appearance and I heard this attorney a few rows in front say the following:
"the deficits are out of control. They are printing money. Social security and medicare are completely insolvent. Unfunded liabilities number over 100 trillion. The banks are all lying and are insolvent. This is not going to end well."

In 2009 all I heard in court was golf this, football that, my case this, my car that. I have heard the above rant in many social settings such as restaurants, supermarkets, mediation's, etc. The significance here is that everyday people are waking up to the fraud that is at the core of our money system. Effectively, people are beginning to realize that there is simply too much debt in the system. Every time I hear people getting switched on gives me more hope. The Internet is opening peoples eyes on a daily basis.

Right now the debate that is furiously taking place in Europe is how to battle the debt crisis. The solution being proffered, maddeningly, is more debt!! Yes, lets fight debt with more fucking debt!! The truth definition of lunacy. And right now the periphery of the EU system is under attack, with Greece in a heap of shit and Italy and Spain teetering towards the edge. Unfortunately for the EuroPonzi, the French banks are in big trouble. Yes, the very core of the system is now being strained by this debt virus. And like all systems, the virus attacks the periphery first, then the core. In the United States, the debt virus is taking down counties and some states, but will eventually strike at the heart of the system, the US Treasury market.

Maybe by 2100 historians will look back at us the same way we looked at the world during the 1940's. Complete fucking lunatics. The 90's and the early 2000's were the easy years. The next two decades are going to be a roller coaster.


  1. the destruction of the EU and the american federal union is the best thing for the working people of those two empires.

  2. I think it's very simple in the American context. We've got a consumer economy. Every measure we've taken to help of the banks (for fear of instability) has put the screws to the consumer. Ultimately, the debts are being and are going to get discharged, and in turn the "assets" will be wiped off balance sheets. Basically, in attempting to manage things to avoid outright collapse, we're now at a point, especially in Europe, where there's no possibility of just managing the collapse as it occurs and using government to wind down banks' positions in an orderly fashion so that they don't all happen at once.

  3. The biggest Ponzi scheme right now is the 401K retirement system. It is backed by the Treasury Dept. and IRS. You put money into the pot, it gets invested by financial "gurus" who engage in moral hazard by recklessly investing in the created derivatives market. Bottom line is if you invested in a 401K, you are fucked from all angles. And if you take your money out of these funds, the IRS is there to take 30% in taxes and early penalties. I stopped putting money into retirement acconts because it is all a joke. The banking cartel has your money tied into the biggest Ponzi scheme of all and whenever they want government bailout money, all they have to say is "if you don't bail us out, people's 401K's will be wiped out, you will have mass riots on the streets." We are living on borrowed times. We are all fucked. If you can't feel it, you are just a frog in that simmering pot. Before you know it, you will be cooked.

  4. Subprime, I agree 100%! Even though I work for a boutique Investment Banking firm, most of the MD's and VP's in my firm are worried about what will happen next year. They pretend like everything is peaches and cream when they meet corporate clients, but everyone lives in fear. Our debt is too high, and there is no way of fixing the crisis that has ruined the US banking system.

    What do you think will eventually happen with the Occupy Wall Street movement?

  5. What do you think about The Great Pumpkin?

  6. The issue has never been the "if" of a western collapse. it has happened before and it has been in the wind since the 1970's. We live in the day to day world. While it may be 475 AD, next year will be 476 and for a century or more the world will continue, just a little more mean with fewer luxuries. The issue is what to do and when. Beans, bullets and buillion are an untenable solution for all but the most insular wealth.

  7. And what can the average person, in practical terms, actually do to prepare? You lay out a scenario that sounds like The Road.

  8. Nobody could have predicted, blah blah blah.

    Half measures and bullshit is all we're going to see out of our political leaders. Without a debt jubilee we're screwed.

    We're screwed.

  9. Per Chris Martenson's latest report:

    "At the very core of the global nuclear money reactor are US Treasurys and the dollar. If the dollar's role as the world's reserve currency wanes or even collapses, then the scope and pace of the likely disruptions will be enormous. Of course, we'll be glad to have as much forewarning as possible"

  10. I'm a contrarian. 2007 was the time to be negative. When everyone agrees we're
    Heading to collapse, then it isn't.

  11. ^ tell that to Paulson LOL. When aggregate debt drops to 50% of GDP start singing that song.

  12. Change You Can Believe In....

    Young people may have been sodomized by their Law Schools and their Law School Professors, Obama, the bogus 2-party system, and the Federal Reserve, but don't worry: The Great Pumpkin will save you.

  13. The system is busted, and this country has been on the decline since at least the 1970s. You cannot offshore most manufacturing jobs, and compete in "fair" trade - with nations that produce goods for a fraction of the cost.

    Furthermore, the banksters and corporate pigs are FIRMLY in control of the government. Simply put, we are screwed.

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  15. Amen to that!

  16. Just 3 more days and then the Great Pumpkin will arrive to solve all of our problems.

  17. Thousands of protesters have been arrested for peacefully protesting in the U.S. as part of the OWS protests and not a single person on Wall Street has be arrested and prosecuted by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for securities fraud violations.

    But, don't worry because in just 3 more days the Great Pumpkin will arrive to solve all of our problems.

  18. European societies aren't in that deep shit as the US is, see e.g. here:

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  21. So I really like the proper installation of our sponsors, because we realized this first hand. Hope something will changes.....


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