Sunday, September 18, 2011

Valedictorian Rips On The Education Cartel

Must watch:

Now THIS is some badass shit!


  1. "Quick grab her and sedate her. She's think'n for herself!"

  2. This video is over a year old.

  3. "This video is over a year old."

    Like that fuckin matters to those of us who haven't seen it duck.

    That speech was insane. Thanks for linking to it.

  4. Should people who accept a "bailout" be able to practice law? Not all of us will accept a bailout. Not all of us will default. Not all of us put everything on a loan. Also, who will bail out the bailout? Who? The last bailout did not, here me, DID NOT work. The only thing that would work would be the return of the assets, profit of the profiteers, to the payers - a refund of sorts. Wealth has not been destroyed, but it is now held by different parties. How can an entire system be bailed out? The pension systems, for example, could not possibly be bailed out unless the value of our money were collapsed and an unlimited number of bills were printed. The alternative is to NOT pay out the imaginary pension that was set up by union-backed hacks. With respect to "institutions of higher learning", a statutory class action could probably recover 50-75%, if not more. These institutions would be forced to recover assets from their well compensated faculty, administration, and other unecessary or invaluable programs. But you need Congressmen to create this class. After the election, there may be an administration that will get serious with higher ed. Wisconsin sure did move swiftly. At these institutions, there are at least a dozen (hundred) low paid TAs (Ph.D.s) for every $150 K professor.


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