Friday, September 30, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

For those in New York, please when you have the time go down and support the protests. I plan on making a little trip to NYC soon and if the protests are going on I will definitely make an appearance.

From the Guardian:

Looking at the photographs and video of the march coming in on Twitter, it's quite clearly the biggest demonstration since the Occupy Wall Street protests began. Thousands of people thronged through the streets of Lower Manhattan, in what is evidently a peaceful and good-humoured protest.

If there is no trouble later, the protesters will be able to chalk this up as a big success. On the downside, no Radiohead; on the upside, no pepper spray. Some of the marchers are starting to disperse; others are staying to hear the speeches at Police Plaza.

It looks like a spark has been lit. For those that don't know a few days ago some NYPD cop pepper sprayed some peaceful protestors and the video has gone viral. Even the clowns on MSNBC had a segment on it critisizing the junta. So again, for those that live in or near New York, please attend the protests as this is an opportunity to show the powers that be that we won't bend over and take it like good sheeple are supposed to. So much wealth is concentrated in the hands of the few right now while billions suffer. And no these people did not keep or maintain their "wealth" via free market means. When their bad bets went bad they continue to get bailed out at the expense of the tax payer. Europe is yet another blatant example of the bankers shrieking and hyperventilating at the thought of "losses." Please.

Maybe this movement can be the spark that will light the American fire. Do your part.


  1. The Daily Show treatment of the cop who was spraying people was utterly brilliant.

  2. Maybe that pig was upset that his wife was blowing his brother, and he took it out on protesters.

    We need true leaders, such as Huey Long, Malcolm X, MLK, etc. Oh wait. Weren't they all killed by the owners?

  3. What do the protesters want?

  4. They want a rebalanced social order, equitable distribution of wealth, universal health care, student debt relief, hand jobs on a Sunday - a medley, who cares, they want equity and they're thankfully doing something about it. Don't forget, the French Revolution didn't start with an agreed position statement.

  5. I agree - who cares what they want as long as the police keep them in line. The Republicans control one house of Congress so it's not like any actual legislation that the protesters desire will ever be brought to the floor for a vote. Still, it's a free country so they are welcome to occupy Wall Street peacefully for years and years. Analogies to the French Revolution seem rather overdrawn but we shall see.

  6. Thanks 4:32 for siding with the man & being totally naive. I think you're heavily underestimating public rage & anger on the turn of events in this country. I live there & if these people knew what was good for them, they'd have made certain the protestors would have jobs to go to instead of nothing to do, mountains of non-dischargeable debt + lots of time to reflect on it all. Those Republican cockroaches you cite (or any political cockroach for that matter or if you prefer the term "career politician") wouldn't have congressional positions if the people refused to vote for them & didn't want mainstream media outlets (Canada is apparently covering these protests while the ABA mentions nothing of it). Not to mention none of them are bulletproof or immortal. I think there could easily be some bloodshed before it's all said & done and the smart rich people won't be running around like they are God & metaphorically spitting on poor people.

  7. Nando, you have lost all credibility. You think Huey Long was a great leader? He was fascist dictator who supported wealth distribution (to those he liked of course) and he was a huge proponent of spending federal tax dollars on bridges to nowhere and skimming a little off the top for himself.

    This is coming from a Louisianan.

  8. Long story short, Huey P. Long was a revolutionary progressive; however, he tried to rule Louisiana with an iron fist. He was despicably corrupt and put all of his friends in power, threw individuals who criticized him into prison and installed an awful and inefficient welfare program.

    Here's a fact: New Orleans was once the 2nd largest city in the U.S. Now it is the 35th largest, one of the most dangerous, and one of the most corrupt cities. Huey P. Long's policies chased out private investment and added the finishing touch to New Orleans's spiraling decline.

    Nando, you must think Hitler, FDR, Stalin, and Mao are "great leaders" too. They certainly had talent for influencing the majority, which are dumb and ignorant sheep.

  9. Oh, and there were multiple assassination attempts on Hitler, Mao, and Stalin as well. I guess they must be great leaders and "the owners" didn't like them too much either. Nando, do you love Obama and hate Ron Paul?

  10. Edububble has a nice comparison of the richsters at the University of California with the banksters at the Bank of America. It's not pretty for the college industrial complex.

  11. It's funny how so many of the regular whiners at JD Underground are ripping the Ocuppy Wall Street posters as naive, lazy and entitled - precisely the same retorts agents of the student debt complex and other beneficiaries of the status quo hurl at these unemployed JDs when they complain they can't find a job!

    One JDU douche even posted that he was offended that many of the protesters want to abolish corporate personhood cuz, Hey, I did well in Corporations! Others are deeply offended by facial hair, nose rings, and visible tattoos. (Wonder how many of the faux hipsters at JDU have appropriately ironic tats, strategically placed to be hidden during job interviews. If they could get job interviews, that is.)

    Well, I'm done with JDU. And props to occupy Wall Street.

  12. @ 11:25

    Yea the majority of the JDU crew is pretty establishment in their thinking. They probably get their news from CNN or Forbes or other mainstream media outlets. Please. After reading alternative news media for several years now I'm able to decipher the BS that comes along MSM articles.

    Many will criticize the protests but that's because they are scared that the "statist quo" is changing. Eventually a substantial amount of them will join the movement to overthrow the bankster overlords but ONLY when enough cool people have joined the party. Fucking A, even Joseph Stiglitz was at the protests, a nobel prize economist Keynesian but nonetheless a big name in the econ field.

    Instead of being divisive I support the rallies regardless of their "left" flavor. As they say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  13. "Instead of being divisive I support the rallies regardless of their "left" flavor. As they say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

    11.25 again, I agree completely. I'd rather not see signs that focus on noise issues like the death penalty and immigration, but that's a minor complaint. The focus has been on economic issues and that's where it will stay. The looters and banksters will make sure of that. They've shown they will push it to the brink, they don't know any other way. And it's gonna be their downfall.


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