Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Two More Law Schools Sued, London In Chaos

So much shit happening right now! Markets in turmoil, London in flames and the Law School Scam just suffered another massive blow as two more law schools have been named in class action suits. New York Law School and Thomas Cooley just got sued by former students represented by Kurzon Strauss, a NYC litigation firm. Give them hell boys. Pretty soon dozens of third tier law schools will be fighting off class action lawsuits and hopefully applications for next year will plunge like the dow is plunging LOL. Here is the link to the NYLS law suit.

This firm is seeking to sue a bunch of schools across the country so give them a call if you want to pick a fight with your alma mater. I would like to personally thank attorney David Anziska for all his hard work and dedication into bringing these suits into fruition. Good luck as the schools will give you hell in opposing these law suits so give them hell X 500 in return.

Even EDMC is getting sued for fraud LOL LOL byebye University of Phoenix playtime is over.

Gold hit a record $1815 just a few hours ago while silver is chilling at the $39 range. I thought that we would have a meaningful correction but that has not come to pass. Despite the equity markets taking a hit silver has stood firm. I'm loading up this week on a bunch of eagles.

Witness the incredible gold bull market:

Now check out the historical dow/gold chart:

This footage out of London is absolutely incredible. Amazing how a world class city like London can go mad max so quickly. If the authorities don't get a handle on this situation soon then the tanks will have to be forced out of Helmand province in a scramble to secure their capitol city. How embarassing for the establishment.

Watch the police get overrun.

Unreal. I'm curious to see if similar shit will happen here soon. Just imagine if the US Dollar suffered a terrible loss of value in a short period of time. Imagine if prices here double or tripled in the span of a few weeks. That would equate to a large group of terribly pissed off people.

Stay tuned, the freak show continues.


  1. I don't know if the sheeple of the united slugs could muster the courage to stand up. also, our bobby's will straight kill you--the u.s. police state is nothing to laugh at...i'm not sure what it's going to take. i say ousting dc is a start though....

  2. Someone should make a list of all "Enemies of the People" listing their crimes.

  3. Subprime, It's even worse than you imagined.

    The Don't-Tase-Me-Bro dude so going to law school!

  4. I can't believe that-- the police should have had rubber bullets and a paddy wagon and started picking off the first wave.

    I suspect that if something like that happened in the US (and let's hope it never does), things would go Kent State pdq.

    Heck, if anything like that happened in the U.S., the police would more likely have to form a protective line to protect the looters from Tea Partiers and Rush Limbaugh listeners.

  5. On the US Dollar appears the words: "In God we trust."

    [Enter Beavis dressed like Jesus]

    Beavis: "Hello everybody. I'm Jesus. I need money. Give me money."

  6. "When Sallie Mae knocks on your front door...
    How ya gonna come?...
    With your hands upon your head...
    Or on the trigger of your gun?..."

  7. August 8, 2011

    ABA Grants Full Accreditation to Two Schools

    One of the outcomes of the American Bar Association meeting held in Toronto last week is the the full accreditation of two law schools. Drexel's Earle Mack School of Law in Philadelphia and the Charleston School of Law in Charleston, South Carolina are now in the club. That leaves the law school at the University of California-Irvine as the only other waiting for its turn. Charleston's news release is on it's main web page, here. Drexel links to news stories on its milestone, here. Congratulations to both. The two schools can now get the full experience of the U.S. News ranking treatment, and criticisms about jobs for graduates, etc. [MG]

  8. Public Enemy's "Shut 'em down." :

    Is that Nando?!

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