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Boomer views on the millennials

These comments were posted on James Howard Kunstler's website, In his most recent article he wrote:

I have a lot of hope for the millennials, the young people just coming up. They're going to get sick of living in an ethical vacuum and sick of political paralysis.Their brains are going through the final stage of development where it arrives at the ability to make judgments. They are going to judge the Boomers and their X'er successors harshly and they're going to remind us that Americans are capable of valiant action even without the trappings of jingoism and sports metaphors.

In response to this statement were these comments. Take heed fellow millennials.

Hi Jim, I wish I could represent the Millenials in saying we are the hope of the future, but like several others have pointed out above, the majority of my generation is so far entangled in techno-babble and self-congratulation that they could only understand resource depletion if their iPods stopped charging one day.

Jim - I don't know about hanging your hopes on the millennials - they seem to be buying into the whole American circus just like every generation - don't see much hope with them (or anyone else, really). The one thing they have embraced is each other - in a giant virtual circle-jerk with its narcissism and endless chatter.

This comment a vicious critique:

I would have to disagree with Jim this week as I see no promise with regards to the Millennials. My daughter and her companions are from that generation and I doubt any of them could find the United States on a map.

The problem, as I see it, is that we no longer have regional common cultures. No, the only culture this upcoming generation knows is the one provided to them by the media conglomerates.

Funny, but my wife and I had this conversation last night as we struggle to communicate with those around us. We likened it to a modern Tower of Babble as there is little commonality amongst us with which to begin our conversation.

For example, my wife and I have a traditional liberal arts education. Our conversations are peppered with references to Homer, Plato, Gibbon, Voltaire, the Bible, etc. This shared knowledge gives us a frame of reference with which to begin our conversation.

That said, I find it difficult to communicate with someone that only has pop culture as a frame of reference. We can't build a national consensus based on the actions of Charlie Sheen and Britney Spears.

The only predictable outcome is that the Millennials will turn into an insane mob once they figure out that they are entitled to nothing - nothing except the bill that is.

An insane mob! I don't think so buddy.

And this supportive comment:

What I see in this "millennials" generation is greater tolerance and less desire to compete with their fellows in serious ways. Although your notions quoted above may be accurate, I believe, they are more superficial, and the two attributes I see are more at the heart of the matter and what is required to remedy our illness.

And this comment,

I see them less as pawns for a cornpone fascist wanna-be than as deers who will look up, just in time to glimpse the headlights. They all think technology will solve any and all problem.

That, friends, is a bipartisan American disease. Millennials all seem to have caught it.

This is a good one,

The Millenials could also be called the Suburban Generation. Suburbia being a giant cultural/economic/social bubble, I just don't see them being rebellious enough or having enough grit to fight against the status quo. They basically live in a world of digital media, chain stores, strip malls, and 4 lane roads clogged with SUVs. Of course, many of us do, but it seems that previous generations have known at least a hint of something different. It seems to be all that the new generation really knows or understands.

This guy holds nothing back:

Well let's not forget that half of America's kids are now low IQ Hispanics and Blacks - with more Hispanics all the time. I mean fourty million White abortions over the last fifty years can't not have some effect. Check out an HBO Documentary on teaching at a Black Hight School, "Hard Times at Douglas High". Absolute insanity - any White who bothers trying to teach kids like this is brain damadged. One seemingly gay guy was almost in tears saying how he spent hours trying to prepare something nice for them and they just destroyed the class in a matter of minutes.

Most of these kids have no business being in high school much less preparing for college. They should be out working in the fields or in factories as Booker T Washington said long ago. And their education should prepare them for this. As it is, it's just a cross between baby sitting and a day prison. School is the ruin of a many a good potential laborer - and that goes for many a White kid too.

Here is the link to the article:

It's funny how the boomers who wrecked this country look at us millennials with such disdain.

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  1. Well, if it's roads unclogged of SUV's they want, then there's no problem there. I can't afford one. Probably because I borrowed money from a corporation they run in order to afford theirs.


    Here is how George Carlin viewed the U.S. education system.

    A lot of what these old farts say is true. However, as subprime pointed out, it is strange that the people who wrecked this country financially view us with such hostility. By the way, these idiots are largely responsible for the values of suburban youngsters. You raised them in your homes, and on television.

  3. The tyranny of the boomers will end at some point, but they live so long that we won't have a chance to take over anytime soon. Most of their generation can't use a computer and have fully bought-in to the system. For all their 60's-era "fighting the power" and knowing the solutions to our energy,economic, social crises, they have done NOTHING except follow the individualistic profit-motive meme. AND, they have bred "millenials" into complacency and consumerism. They have no one to blame but themselves, and they continue to fight those of us "millienals" who want to change the system. But, that doesn't mean those of us who want to fight that system shouldn't bother trying. Damn the hypocrites!

    Thankfully, whatever is left of the future in the BM's wake is ours because they will be dead. Our only hope is that enough of us don't copy and perpetuate their mistakes.

  4. Nando said,

    By the way, these idiots are largely responsible for the values of suburban youngsters. You raised them in your homes, and on television.

    I couldn't have said it better myself

  5. This country stopped making sense to me a long time ago. I now find it both non-sensical and utterly boring. Sorry to say.

  6. For example, I'd like to know why it's not socialism when we're buying military hardware. But, much as I'd like to hear the answer, the possibility that I would find any value in it insofar as it is entertainingly inconsistent with itself, is so remote that I don't care to waste the time it would take for someone to speak those sentences.

  7. Damn idiots all of your younger generation!

  8. Uh, yeah, because those of us any younger than this guy can't reference f--in' Homer and shit - I have a young friend who SPEAKS and READS Greek and is far younger than I am (I read Nietzsche in the original). Oh, and how about referencing Lyotard, Heidegger, Derrida, Lukacs, etc., AND at the same time be aware of pop culture points? Puhleez. What a twit. I guess since I mentioned Lyotard (and God forbid - Derrida), that makes me a po-mo millennial idiot. Get a life already. What a name-dropping turd.

  9. I'm sure the WWII "Greatest Generation" thought the boomers sucked, too.

    I think Wilco said it best, "Every generation thinks it's the end of the world."

  10. I read a good book many years ago entitled "Generation X", which included very apt descriptions of each U.S. generation up until that time.

    In my view, regardless of which generation, it seems that most people in the U.S. just (metaphorically speaking) want to have a socially-acceptable identity, i.e., they want to put on a uniform and march around. Basically, American is quite ripe for fascism.

  11. "I know a thing about a thing or two!"

  12. All I can say about my millennial generation in America is that we are a pitiful bunch. Why do we put up with this shit? Where are the protests? Where is the outrage? All we can do is vote for a typical politician promising false change???

  13. Personally, I think we put up with this shit because India, China and a host of other countries are out there, and we are generally young and probably, for a lot of us, pretty mobile. I don't expect my career - whatever it will be (at this point) - will be entirely legal, and I definitely don't expect all of it to be here. We feel abandoned politically and economically, and we are. So, I think a lot of us feel like why should we change it when you can leave it? Why should I be honest to a bullshit girlfriend? Why should I be patriotic about a country that sees me as a payment stream? I don't get it. This is not the 60's. I don't feel like I would be losing something to leave. I think people probably did feel that way in the first few post-war decades, at least to a greater degree.

  14. My prime concern isn't if Boomer quips about Millenials are "funny", I want to know, as Hobbes wanted to know about religion, "whether it be true or a lie."

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