Monday, December 27, 2010

Are you informed as to what is truly important regarding the economy? Subprime's checklist

When talking to people about the economy and the nation's future, I have a mental checklist that I go through during the conversation to see if they are truly informed. For example, watching or reading CNN, CNBC, or Fox business does not make the cut.

Here is the checklist:

(1) Knowledge of the federal reserve. Specifically, the fed's operations and the size of its balance sheet;

(2) Knowledge about debt based money and fiat currency. Specifically, a understanding of fractional reserve banking.

(3) Peak oil. Specifically, knowing world consumption and production rates, future forecasts, past and present oil discoveries, and the role of energy in our debt based economy.

(4) US Federal Government deficit, including revenues, expenditures, and 10 year forecast. In addition, an understanding of the insolvency of Medicare and Social Security.

(5) Local and State governments and the debts they have incurred.

(6) An understanding of the structural US trade deficit.

Knowing these 6 areas is crucial to understanding the health of the US economy.


  1. Well you certainly have spotted the beast in the room--the Federal Reserve. As Winston Churchill said, "Never have so few taken so much from so many."

    go to to find free books like

    Case Against the Fed.

    The Fed is much worse than even YOU know.

  2. I have been a staunch opponent of the fed since 2008. I have extensively read Mises and Rothbard, austrian economics, etc. Ron Paul just got promoted and I can't wait for him to monkey spank the Bernank when he gives his testimony (perjury).

    The creature of Jeckyl Island has truly grown into a monster which will devour us all. Unless you buy some AG/AU with those fiat FRN's.

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