Friday, August 20, 2010

Southern California law school tuitions explode higher

Southwestern Law School tuition rises to $39,110 for 2010-11 school year.Of course this does not include books, study guides or any other necessities. After rent, food, car repair, whatever, your looking at spending a good 55k per year for attending this school. 165k by the time your out and this does not include bar fees and bar prep.

I know a class of 08 grad that was top of his class, was rejected by all the good firms in LA solely because he went to SWL and not UCLA or USC. Now he started his own practice.

Pepperdine University has completely lost its mind as the 2010-2011 school year tuition has breached the 40k level and is at a whopping $41,150 per year!!!!! Based on the school website, expected cost of attendance is a insane $65,600 per year!! On a 3 yr basis that comes out to 198k. Thrown in bar fees and you owe more than 200k. Of course, many Pepperdine law students will have wealthy parents to support them but its also guaranteed that many students do not have the familial support.

Pepperdine Law is in the top 70 law schools and has a good reputation in SOCAL. However, this is 2010 and the legal market is in shambles. Not only that, but if you graduate in the median of your class or below (every single graduating class will have 50% of it under the median) you are basically fucked. If you fully finance this monstrosity then I would suggest skipping the country. On one of my cases the young opposing counsel which makes all the appearances at the CMC's is a 09 Pepp law grad. This is a classic Insurance Defense firm. First year out she probably makes 40-45k, which isnt horrible but in the event you owe nearly 200k then your fucked.

California Western Law School is charging $40,680 for this school year. Cal Western is a tier 4 piece of shit that will suck your life dry if you attend and fully finance this scam.

Chapman Law School, tier 3 piece of shit in OC charging over 38k a year. I know a girl that graduated in the top 2% of her class, and is working at westlaw as a rep. Not a bad gig, but cant get a legal job. At least she has a fucking job.

Thomas Jefferson School of Law has hiked tuition up to $38,700 for the 2010-2011 school year. Whooopieeeee!!!

In 2000 you would have paid HALF of what the 1L's are paying now. The Law School bubble has gone parabolic.


  1. Keep them coming, Subprime. I must admit that I *thoroughly* enjoy beating the living hell out of these over-priced, filthy, sweltering commodes. It is incredible that people are so desperate for a job, i.e. a chance at employment, that they are willing to go to a fourth tier piece of trash - and pay for the experience!

  2. I wish I had set up a law school; so many suckers willing to mortgage their futures over a piece of paper with little to limited job opportunities. I'm just scratching my head now trying to figure out how I can make money off of this situation.

  3. Other than Pepp, are any of those schools ABA approved so you can take some other states' bar exams?

  4. Dorsalfin:

    All the schools mentioned above are ABA approved. Some have been for a very long time. Im forecasting that several of these will shut down when the law school bubble bursts.


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