Thursday, June 10, 2010

A TTTT summer 2L has seen the light!!

A friend of mine which is attending my TTTT law school has decided to throw in the towel. She finished the first year like this: top 10% percent grades in the first semester, sub median grades the second. She got over the whole "law thing" and figured that her life would suck if she stayed on this path. I advised her several times that its a bloodbath on the outside. A few days ago I heard the news that she was DROPPING OUT AND WAS IN THE PROCESS OF APPLYING TO DENTAL SCHOOL! Hip hip hoorrayyyy! By going to dental school she has a shot at living a decent life.

Its obvious the nightmare stories of this TTTT cal law school grads not being able to find legal empployment was enough. I constantly told her of my woes, how I barely make any money now and will have to wait for the settlements to come through. And im one of the lucky ones!

Because she went in on a great scholarship she only borrowed $10,000. Thats a tiny payment of $100 a month for 10yrs is she quits now. Now imagine the other summer 2Ls that didnt make grades, borrowed a huge 50k, and are still going through with the law school scam. By the time they get out they will owe +150k and more than half of them wont pass the cal bar exam. So many JD's are going to suffer as a result of this scam. Welcome to 2010 people. The days of sunshine and prosperity are over. Our nations rulers squandered and spent the stored wealth of this nation on wars, entitlements, thefts, scams, ponzi schemes, outsourcing, offshoring, etc.

At least a few still see the light before they are too deep in the trap.


  1. Stories like these are encouraging. On another note, would you be happy with another Lakers world championship?

  2. Congratulations on saving your friend from a life of debt slavery and low self-esteem!

    It's about time someone listened to us!

  3. JDU:
    Lakers lost last night, that was expected. It would be nice if they won, but personally i could give 2 shits about sports teams. I am market freak, where the party goes on every week of the year! Bonds, currencies, equities, spreads, interest rates. Now thats a playoff series that never ends

  4. Glad to see one law student was smarter than I was.

  5. Good work helping out a friend. That is what friends do for each other - people are usually screwed otherwise, i.e. when others in the know soften the blow. California needs to shed at least 15 law schools.

  6. California is so fucked. Any of you ever been to Los Angeles? Once you go south of the 10 freeway its looks like Detroit. Abandoned buildings, shut down businesses, bar caged homes, liquor stores, graffiti galore. I believe that the Detroit syndrome is spreading across the country and will eventually be the norm IF the powers that be dont get their act together. And at the present time, they are performing horribly.


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