Saturday, June 19, 2010

Layoff update

Sacramento DA's office gets the ax:
Sacramento DA Jan Scully said yesterday that amid a $6.9 million budget cut for the next fiscal year her office will be laying off 50 employees. Those fired include 11 deputy district attorneys whose responsibilities include prosecuting misdemeanors.

Fresno DA's office also gets the ax:
But the District Attorney's office is also facing cuts. DA Elizabeth Egan says that without enough prosecutors to handle cases, public safety is also jeopardized. "There are consequences when you don't have deputy DA's there to get those cases filed, if we don't file them in 48 hours the person's released."

Mendocino County DA's as well:
Cut $730,002 from the district attorney's budget, a 10 percent cut over last year, bringing the county's contribution to $3.4 million.

The Bronx DA's office may (most likey will) slash 45 prosecutors:
The Bronx district attorney's office may have to lay off up to 45 assistant prosecutors by the end of the month because of planned city budget cuts, the Daily News has learned.

The bloodbath continues...


  1. Sad news. Of course, delusional lemmings and "law professors" will blame the current state of the economy. Wouldn't want to provide an accurate picture of the industry, after all, would they? Both camps have a stake in keeping up the facade: the "professors" want to maintain their cushy, $180K a year jobs - and the lemmings want to prove themselves.

    Keep posting the facts, Subprime! We are doing what we can to get the word out. Whether the 0Ls have enough gray matter to accept it is a different matter. These kids have been thoroughly warned - if they don't take heed, they have only themselves to blame.

  2. Ironically, as the economy and Sacramento's ability to pay prosecutors worsens, crime--the need for prosecutors--will probably increase.

  3. This is what happens Frank when a society goes broke. The state can no longer afford what it needs, i.e. , more prosecutors. The standard of living across the US will continue to fall until CONgress stops sucking corporate oligarch dick.


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