Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Top students from my tier 4 school working as ambulance chasers

I did some research on how the class of 2009 was doing. Mind you that we had a pass rate of fucking 47% on the cal bar. So with 47% of my class passing the bar, its safe to say that the top 20% of the class more or less passed. So the best of my tier 4 class went out to the workplace. After typing in their names on the cal bar website the results were very discouraging.

Law review students are working at "boutique" PI firms, plaintiffs attorneys. Not that there is anything wrong with working at small shitlaw plaintiffs firms per se. But, when the BEST STUDENTS OF THE CLASS OF 09 ARE AT MOST GETTING THESE TYPES OF JOBS what the hell are the rest of the students going to do?? Im talking about moot court, law review, mock trial people that are working at fucking shitlaw firms, so small that when you go on the firm websites there is no bio for them. No pretty picture, nothing. Some of these top students got a photo at their shitlaw firms but the majority have not.

Before the great crash of 2008 some top grads from my tier 4 toilet would end up at some decent midlaw firms. SOME is the point. MOST ended up either not passing the bar or never found employment in the legal field or got jobs working in shitlaw. But with the top students working at shitlaw, and because mathematically its impossible for everyone to be top 10%, where the hell do the rest of us end up at??

The bottom 100 law schools are a scam. If you borrow to go to one of these schools you are fucked. If daddy or mommy isnt a lawyer with their own firm you are fucked. Beware the subprime lawschool bubble. Its growing bigger and costlier prior to its implosion. Realize that all bubbles pop. Look at the pain that Greece is going through as it has become the basket case of Europe. The market is demanding that Greece pay 23% interest on a 2 year bond. Absent a "credit" infusion from the ECB or the IMF the country will suffer a financial meltdown and the accompanying political unrest that follows said meltdown. The ravages of the ponzi continue to spread, slowly but surely taking down the weaker links until the head, the USA, is also taken down. Realize that the US is currently borrowing 12% of GDP. 12 PERCENT!! If you adjusted GDP by taking out statistical magic such as imputations, hedonic substitutions, and deflated CPI, its is probably around 16%. Absent the printing press run by Benron the US would be undergoing a deflationary holocaust 3 times worse then the crash of 1929. The ponzi will eventually go into entropy as it devours its hosts (read, debtors, you and I). Avoid the law school scam at all costs.


  1. The top students in my graduating class - at Third Tier Drake - ended up working in insurance defense, boutique PI firms, and small-town Iowa county attorneys' offices. The rest went back to their old jobs, i.e. hotel management, teaching grade school, selling insurance premiums, etc.

    MOST ended up in WORSE financial shape than they did the moment they set foot in the Drake University Insurance Defense and Court-Appointed List Preparation Academy. I know people with journal experience, strong grades and persistance who got shut out. They sent out literally HUNDREDS of resumes and cover letters. They went to banquets and mixers. What did they get? They ended up with $130K in debt and doing court-appointed dreck.

    But the lemmings ignore the experience of those who went before them. After all, with their 3.5 UGPA in Feminist Socialist Critique, they SURELY will end up making law review, building strong connections and getting into Biglaw. I mean, those Ivy League kids getting no-offered must have something wrong with them, right?!?

  2. It sure is fucking sad. So many gras getting out with very dismal odds, exponentially growing debt. 3 more graduating classes and the word will be getting out. We have to keep posting blogs, adding key sentences such as "tier 3 law school is a horrible investment" or "low tiered law school will ruin your life". The web is our weapon.

  3. Indeed, the class of 2010 is going to be coming out any day now and entering the job hunt fray. Only problem is that the class of 2009 is the same place it was when it graduated. Remember what happened in the final chase scene of Blues Brothers when one cop car crashed?! PILE UP MOTHERFUCKERS!

  4. The U.S. Department of Education shows 4,861 colleges and universities with 18,248,128 students in 2007. At a bare minimum lets assume that 2.5 million of them will be entering the job market in June (as some will be moving to postgrad, phd, law school, slackers, etc). It truly is going to be a nasty nasty pile up. US grads will begin to feel what college grads around the world have felt for the past 100 years as they wont be able to get jobs in their fields. For example, ive met doctors and lawyers in greece that drove taxis. This problem existed pre 2008 but with the economy going to shit and more grads getting pumped out with increasingly higher amounts of nondischargeable student loans the recipe is right for a fucking disaster. The silver lining that I see is a bunch of young people, pissed as hell, with nothing to lose. Perhaps unemployed college grad debt slaves will be the ones that make the most noise for reform??


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