Friday, April 9, 2010

Subprime JD got a major break

Be it luck, be it my street smarts, Ive pulled off some crazy shit lately. Through some connections I landed a massive slip and fall case +125k in meds. Liability is undisputable. Now its all about the damages. Also, I got connected with a attorney and we agreed to split the attorneys fees 50/50. Wow! This guy is a great dude, likes to party, and openly brags about getting the lowest grads in his class. Due to his connections, he has done very well.

Also, I just got in my hands a huuuge police brutality suit. 3 plaintiffs, one of them needed facial reconstrucive surgery due to the severity of the beating he got. This is a monster case. This case we have split 3 ways. Still, looking to make some good coin on this case. In addition, I picked up a divorce judgment case. Hubby is not honoring the judgment. Cut and dry, rich hubby.

Obviously the money isnt going to come in right away, but man how things change so fast. Just a few weeks ago i was miserable and depressed, now there is some hope for my personal situation.

Still, I see how my fellow grads are getting crushed. My wife told me that 3 attorneys applied for positions at a call center for 3k a month plus bonus. How sad. I know that many new grads dont have the connections that I do. Also realize that I spend 5 hrs a day on the phone trying to get deals. For some reason i can make things move. Wow.


  1. Also realize that I spend 5 hrs a day on the phone trying to get deals.


    please explain

  2. There is a divorce judgment scam going around right now. Be careful that your divorce judgment case is not a scam.

    The way the scam works is this: You are contacted by a "wife" who wants to collect a large judgment against her ex-husband on contingency. You take the case and contact the "ex-husband," who almost immediately rolls over and agrees to send you a check.

    You deposit the check in your trust account and the "wife" starts pressuring you to wire her her money pronto which you do right after the check clears. A few weeks later the check turns out to have been a forgery and you are left holding the bag.

    Be very careful.

  3. Homelesslawyer: there is no real explanation. I think i got lucky with some cases thats all. Also, as we both know nothing is for sure. The claims can go bad, can suffer from a MSJ, etc. Still, no steady job, just part time legal work here and there. And of course, going to have to wait quite some time until the cases settle...

    Dave: the divorce judgmment client is a friend of mine so no scam there.


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