Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our monetary system has become unstable

Observe these charts below.

The dot com bubble:

The housing bubble:

The college tuition bubble:

The healthcare costs bubble:

The number one cause for the instability in the prices of school, housing, stocks, and healthcare....

The US money supply:

Bottom line: with the exponential unrestrained growth in the US money supply, prices of many important things in our lives have become unstable. Whether it be stocks, housing, tuition or healthcare, the entire system is completely out of control. Unless we reform our monetary system soon the pain and suffering will continue to spread. We as a species have advanced so far intellectually, spiritually and technologically. Its a shame that some digits in a computer can cause so much hardship to millions domestically and billions of people world wide.

The last and biggest bubble in world history...

The OTC derivatives bubble:

Yes, the numbers are in millions. The total derivatives outstanding worldwide have reached 1 quadrillion dollars. Its unreal what these lunatics have done. Im sure some of you law grads are wondering why is a scam busting blog talking about all this monetary bullshit. Well, for starters its us recent grads that have been most affected by the monetary instability unleashed by central banks worldwide. Notice how the cost of tuition continues to EXPLODE higher year after year? Its because credit continues to grow unabated. Credit, like a disease, needs to find a home. Whether it be stocks, housing, education, or healthcare, it searches for a home. It needs to get that yield. If more credit isnt created the ponzi scheme shuts down in a horrifying deflationary collapse, one much larger than the one experienced in the 1930's. This is why Bernanke and company continue to increase the monetary base like madmen. Some of my critics call me a conspiracy theorist and that i have gone off the deep end. Ha ha ha. Go ahead and call me crazy. Its the charts above that clearly show what has lost its mind, and that is the monetary base. The exponentially rising prices is whats crazy. These costs continue to rise irrespective of incomes. The beast NEEDS to be fed. Otherwise it will cannabilize itself. Of course, that is what is neccesary. The credit beast needs to die. Deflation must occur. The credit must be destroyed otherwise it will destroy us. Dont believe the lamestream media and their lies on how we must create 5% inflation per annum. Enough is enough. Let the magically and fictionally created digits in these computers disappear.

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