Saturday, March 13, 2010

Craigslist: LA legal services for March 12, 2010

The ads below are not even half of the total posted for Friday, March 12. This is just a small piece of what new solo practitioners have to compete with. Its a bloodbath out there ladies and gentlement. This is what happens when to many people are "sellers" of services. We need more producers of goods in order to rebalance this fucking basket case of a economy. So long as the treasonous snakes in congress continue to allow big corporations to outsource good paying jobs this entire ponzi scheme is going to come crashing down.

$950 Bankruptcy. Open until 10PM Every Night. - (Los Angeles Central) img
DIVORCE/BANKRUPTCY in 1 day - ((818) 352-8570)
Same day DIVORCE or BANKRUPTCY - (1.800.562.3161 L.A. County)
Bankruptcy is a BIG Decisions. Contact Someone You Can Trust! - (Los Angeles Central) img
Covina family lawyer can fight for you! Try FAMILY LAWYER 911 - (Covina)
Bankruptcy Law Office open Until 10PM - (Los Angeles Central) img
EXPERIENCED CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY, Free Consult: (626) 710-4021 - (Pasadena, Los Angeles, LOW FEES)
Get Money now for your money Judgment - (L.A.)
LOAN MOD CO's Attrnys! Ph# 1-888-31-MODIFY (66343-Y) is 4 Sale & .com - (CA)
IRS troubles? Owe back taxes? -
Considering Bankruptcy? Call Us Now. We open until 10pm - (Los Angeles Central) img
Can't sleep at night? Too much debt? Bankruptcy - $950 - (Los Angeles Central) img

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